Thank you for your interest in the construction of the CPV Fairview Energy Center. The information below is being provided to keep the community fully informed with regards to construction activities and what can be expected during each phase of the process.


NOTICE: Please be advised that blasting will be conducted at the CPV Fairview Energy Center construction site through December 2017

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Construction activity at the CPV Fairview Energy Center is currently underway with the following phases of construction:

CPV Fairview and our contractors are working closely to limit the construction-related effects on our neighbors and the surrounding community. We anticipate minimal disruptions, if any, to the daily activities in Jackson County. However, residents will notice a temporary increase in delivery trucks and construction activities. Currently, the 50-75 local workers arrive in the early morning (6:30 AM- 7:00 AM) and depart later in the afternoon (4:00 PM – 4:30 PM). During peak construction in late 2018, approximately 500 – 600 skilled workers will be onsite, slightly increase traffic congestion on roads adjacent to the construction site. Additional traffic safety control measures will be implemented as the workforce increases.

As construction continues, please continue to check this website for additional notifications and construction updates.

CPV Fairview and our contractors are excited to be a part of the local community. We strived to always treat the areas we work like home – with the utmost respect and a sense of stewardship. Our goal is to positively impact our host communities by building quality projects, fostering economic development, and by giving back to the community. Please stop by our Project Spotlight to see some of the ways we are active in the community.

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