Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our inception in 1999, CPV has remained steadfast in our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Built on the idea that progressive companies can be powerful agents of change, we are dedicated to creating a better world and a cleaner environment. Dedicated to corporate citizenship, we are focused on environmental stewardship, economic development, philanthropy, and education.

Environmental Stewardship

At CPV, we strongly believe that private businesses have both the capability and responsibility to act as environmental stewards in the areas of emissions reductions, water conservation and the efficient use of natural resources.

As world leaders grapple with strategies to reduce overall emissions in the future, CPV is leading the way with private investment to cost-effectively reduce emissions in the present.  Using an “All-of-the-Above” approach, CPV is tackling emissions reductions with both conventional and renewable generation solutions.

We have identified the improvement of America’s conventional generation fleet, which currently provides over two thirds of our nation’s electricity, as having tremendous potential for cost-effective emissions reductions. By replacing old, less-efficient and high-emitting resources with new, state-of-the-art and highly-efficient generation resources such as our CPV Energy Centers, we can achieve significant emissions reductions without sacrificing reliability.  These new resources not only provide replacement power with a fraction of the emissions, but also provide the flexible capabilities necessary to integrate renewable energy onto the electric grid.   With six new facilities totaling nearly 5000 MW developed and financed over the past seven years, we are leading the way in emissions reductions through conventional resources.

We have also found renewable energy, such as wind generation, to be great for chipping away at emissions reduction goals by providing small amounts of emissions-free power that can replace a portion of the generation that would otherwise come from conventional generation resources.  To that end, we have developed over 5000 MW of wind generation and are proud of our successful track record in this area.

Our facilities are also designed to conserve water and maximize efficiency.  Using techniques such as air cooling or recycled greywater cooling, we can safely produce electricity while using a fraction of the water consumed by older resources.  Our energy centers are also designed to be among the most efficient facilities in the world.  Built in a “combined-cycle” configuration, excess heat from the combustion turbines is captured and turned into steam by a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).  The steam is then used to power an additional turbine to provide even more power, without any additional emissions.  This configuration enables our facilities to operate at over 60% efficiency, compared to the 33% average of older facilities.

Economic Development

Our facilities are designed to be engines of economic advancement for our host communities and are typically one of the largest economic development projects in the region.  In addition to the increased local revenue through tax payments, our projects provide a significant boost for local economies through the creation of well-paying jobs both in the short-term during construction, and long-term during operations. At peak construction, we have often seen over 700 skilled workers on site daily. Once complete, our facilities provide an average of 25 operational employment opportunities totaling several million dollars in payroll.

Local merchants and other businesses also benefit from the increased economic activity resulting from the new jobs created in the area. This new income is spent in the local economy because of CPV’s corporate philosophy to purchase local material, to the greatest extent possible, as just one of the ways of supporting the host community.

Community Involvement

Corporate citizenship is a top priority at CPV.  Each of our projects begins with early community engagement in order to be open and transparent right from the start. We strive to be good corporate neighbors and meaningfully contribute to our host communities through community involvement, charitable giving and volunteer opportunities.

Each of our projects actively engage in charitable giving.  Our contributions typically focus on education, first responders, community assistance and event sponsorships. In addition, we identify volunteer opportunities in our host communities and encourage employee participation in town clean-up efforts, local charity events and fundraising.


According to a United States Department of Energy survey, 75 percent of people think they have adequate energy knowledge, yet only 12 percent of those surveyed passed a basic quiz on energy topics.  We believe that in order for our country to make smart energy choices tomorrow, we need to begin educating the next generation today.

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