CPV Fairview
Fairview Energy Center

Frequently Asked Questions

The CPV Fairview Energy Center (CPV Fairview) is a 1,050 megawatt (MW) combined-cycle electric generation facility, located in Jackson Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. The facility achieved commercial operation (COD) in December 2019.

A combined-cycle electric generator like CPV Fairview is a highly efficient assembly of combustion turbines that drive electric generators where the hot exhaust from the combustion turbines is used to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. The power that generators like this one produce typically displaces power produced by older, less efficient power plants and helps improve our environment.

This site provides an optimal combination of factors including on-site access to major 500kV transmission lines, proximity to major natural gas pipelines, cooling water access, and highway access.

CPV Fairview can generate up to 1,050 MWs, capable of powering more than 1 million Pennsylvania homes and businesses, and occupies about 30 acres.

An energy center requires an extensive permitting and approval process involving local, state and federal organizations. CPV worked closely with our local and state stakeholders to gain valuable feedback to obtain the necessary approvals to move forward with CPV Fairview.

The project has created substantial local and regional benefits including hundreds of millions of dollars in private infrastructure investment, significant revenue for the state in sales tax during construction and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues for local governments and businesses. Based on CPV’s experience, the positive economic benefits across the community and region will be dramatic for years to come.

CPV Fairview is a gas-fired power generation facility that uses the best available control technology to minimize emissions. CPV Fairview is highly efficient and helps displace older, less efficient power facilities in the region. Because these less efficient facilities are typically older and were built when emissions mandates were less stringent, CPV Fairview is helping to improve air quality.

CPV Fairview meets all local and state noise quality standards.

CPV Fairview is designed to conserve water and protect natural resources. As part of our commitment to the environment, we use primarily recycled or “grey” water from the Cambria Somerset Authority (CSA) for non-contact cooling purposes, sourced through an 8-mile, 24″ pipeline and 2 electric-powered pump stations. These facilities were built by CPV and now are owned and operated by CSA. Once the water cycles through the plant multiple times, it is treated and returned to the CSA via a pipeline where it can be used again for industrial processes.

Natural gas for the energy center comes from the Enbridge Texas Eastern Transmission gas lines approximately one mile north of the site through a pipeline owned and maintained by CPV Fairview.

At peak construction, there were approximately 700 workers onsite. CPV Fairview employs approximately 23 full-time positions now that the plant is operational. The facility also employs approximately 75 contractors to help maintain equipment and buildings.

CPV Fairview took approximately 28 months to construct and achieved commercial operation in December 2019.


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