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Frequently Asked Questions

The CPV Towantic Energy Center (CPV Towantic) is an 805-megawatt (“MW”) combined-cycle electric generating facility. The facility is in Oxford, Connecticut in the Woodruff Hill Industrial Park.

A combined-cycle electric generator like CPV Towantic is a highly efficient assembly of combustion turbines that drive electric generators where the hot exhaust from the combustion turbines is used to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. The power that generators like this one produce typically displaces power produced by older, less efficient power plants, and helps improve our environment.

CPV Towantic sits at the intersection of two high-pressure, interstate natural gas pipelines and the high-voltage transmission system owned and managed by Connecticut Light & Power, making it an ideal location for a gas-fired energy facility.

CPV Towantic is an 805-megawatt facility which produces enough electricity to power over 800,000 New England homes and businesses.

The community benefited from the significant tax payments during construction and, now in operation, CPV Towantic is providing significant revenue to support vital public services and school funding to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We also make every effort to purchase local goods and services to benefit those living and working in the host community. Additionally, over the life of CPV Towantic, there will be significant direct and indirect economic benefits from the ongoing operation and regular maintenance of the facility.

CPV Towantic is a gas-fired facility that uses the best available control technology to minimize emissions. Natural gas is its primary fuel, with ultra-low sulfur fuel oil as a backup. The facility is highly efficient and helps displace older, less efficient power facilities in the region. Because these less efficient facilities are typically older and were built when emissions mandates were less stringent, CPV Towantic is improving air quality.

CPV Towantic meets all state noise quality standards.

As part of our commitment to the environment, CPV Towantic uses an air-cooled condenser design which only requires a fraction of the water used by wet-cooled facilities. The highly efficient design of CPV Towantic conserves water and protects natural resources. The relatively small amount of water that is needed for process makeup comes from the CT Water Services Company.

The natural gas for the facility comes from the Algonquin Interstate Pipeline.

Yes, CPV Towantic utilizes a proven technology used throughout North America and the world to generate electricity without incident. Safety is a top corporate priority for all CPV facilities. The design, construction and operation of equipment and systems for CPV Towantic are in accordance with all local and state regulations and include state-of-the-art fire detection, alarm, suppression, and control systems. The local fire department was involved in developing the emergency response plan.

At peak construction, there were approximately 900 workers onsite. CPV Towantic employs 22 full-time positions now that the plant is operational and has created approximately 75 ancillary jobs.

Construction took 30 months and CPV Towantic achieved commercial operation in June 2018.


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